DIY Doily Envelopes

Are you ready for a cute, fun and easy diy project? DIY Doily envelopes and liners will add a personal and memorable touch to your wedding invitations. You can choose to either use a doily as a liner for your wedding invitation envelopes, or use the doilies as the envelopes themselves. Either way, it’s fairly simple! You can even make this project into a little party or get-together and invite over some of your best girls, break out the doilies, and share a bottle of champagne.

An even simpler diy idea is to cut the triangular edges off of the doilies and glue them to the inside flap of the envelopes you have chosen. This will give your envelopes a more subtle look, showcasing your intricate designed invitations as opposed to the envelope itself.

Here is what you will need:

  • 9 inch square doilies
  • Craft Adhesive Spray
  • A Cutter
  • A Cutting Mat (or cutting board, whichever you have handy)
  • A Ruler
  • Double Sided Sticky Tape (You can also use hot glue, but I recommend the tape)
  • Tracing/Vellum Paper
  • Newspaper
  • Something to use as a template, such as a poster board or cardboard

DIY Doily Envelope Liners:

Note: For the liners, you will not need to do any cutting, or need the use of the tracing paper or the craft adhesive spray.

  • The most important thing is to have your envelopes and invitations handy. Always order a few extra envelopes to make room for mistakes, especially when it comes to the addressing.
  • This might take some trial and error, but you will need to find out exactly how much to fold the doily in order to make it just the right size for it to fit snuggly into your envelope and still be able to fit your invitation card. Fold the 9 inch square doily on three corners and test your folding a few times until you get the right fit.
  • After you have found the right size, simply use your double sided tape to hold your liner together. Again, you can also use hot glue, but I’ve found that the tape is easier and less messy.
  • Place your newly created paper doily liners into your envelope, and voila! You’ve just created an entirely unique and custom look for your envelopes.

DIY Doily Envelopes:

  • Important: Be sure to have your invitations handy to insure that they will fit properly into your doily envelopes. Take one of your paper doilies and fold it around your invitation to insure that you’ve got the right fit before starting the project.
  • The purpose of the tracing paper is to reinforce the underside of the doilies. This is important if you are using the doily as your outer envelope. Use the tracing paper to either cover the entire length of the inside of the doily, or if you want a little more transparency, you can choose to leave the flap without the reinforcement. Whichever you choose, use your ruler to make your measurements. After finding the right measurements, I’d recommend making a template with a piece of poster board or cardboard. This way you can put the ruler away and just trace your remaining paper.
  • Use your cutting board and cutter to cut your paper. This will leave smooth, clean lines.
  • Spray your tracing paper with the craft adhesive spray (be sure to use your newspaper to cover the surrounding areas). Let the spray sit for about 15 seconds and then adhere it to your doily.
  • Fold your doily together on three sides, and then use your double sided tape to secure, and you’re done! After you’ve got your invitations inside and ready for the mailbox, you can choose to seal them however you’d like.
Note: You can also use colored tracing paper for a custom look.


The envelope above on the left is an example of an even easier project. Just cut the triangular ends off of your 9 inch square doily and use the adhesive spray to attach them to the inside flap of your envelopes. Now that is an easy and fun DIY project that anyone can do!