Wine Barrel Wedding Decor

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Wine Barrels are the perfect choice to compliment any outdoor wedding, especially if you are going for a more country chic flair. They work beautifully as tables, whether it’s just for decoration, such as a resting spot for flowers and candles, or they are also becoming very popular as table legs for a dessert buffet or cake table.

Wine barrels are an obvious trend as a backdrop for a vineyard wedding (they are wine barrels, after all) but wine barrels are now becoming a big part of any outdoor wedding, everything from a barn wedding in the country to an outdoor wedding by the lake.

Lots of wine barrel wedding ideas!

Wine barrels for a wedding are also the green bride’s choice! They are economical, cheap, and reusable even after the wedding. You can reuse them in your garden as flower pots or cut them in half and use them as side tables to go along with your outdoor patio furniture.

Lots of wine barrel wedding ideas!

Lots of wine barrel wedding ideas!

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