Messy Hairstyles

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Messy is the new sexy!

Women are starting to go for a more carefree and natural look, whether for a formal event or just a casual day out. With the right accessories and know-how,  you can create a unique hairstyle to match your personality that’s easy and flattering.

A tousled up-do is one of my favorite hairstyles, especially if you have thick and unruly hair because you will get that natural volume while keeping that big mane under control. Just a few bobby pins and a hair tie will help you achieve this look. To add volume and interest you can use rollers or a large barrel curling iron before pinning it up. A layered haircut works best for a messy up-do if you want to have a few loose strands and flyways, and the bigger, the better! Volume, volume, volume. Tease it, twist it, curl it, and then spray it.

A messy, loose braided hairstyle is also becoming popular, especially the fishtail braid off to one side with lots of volume in the crown. A bohemian style braid is the perfect natural and easy-to-do braid for women with long, thick, and wavy hair.

Lots of messy hairstyle ideas!

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