Mini Food Ideas

Anything in itty bitty form just seems to be so much more appetizing. I suppose it has a lot to do with the cuteness factor. With the mini food trend rapidly growing for weddings and other party events, mini food ideas have become an endless array of unique little bites; everything from mini casseroles to mini pies.

Mini food is a nice way to give your wedding guests a variety of food to choose from. You can feature many different miniature food options on your buffet table or appetizer trays. Start them off with mini veggie dips or mini shrimp cocktails before the ceremony, and then offer some cute little mini grilled cheese sandwiches, mini burgers, mini hot dogs, mini macaroni and cheese, or even mini chicken pot pies at the reception! Here is a gallery of mini food ideas and recipes to inspire your miniature wedding bites!

Mini Mac n’ Cheese

Everyone’s favorite comfort food! You can’t go wrong with that, right? Even the kids will want to indulge. The secret are crushed crackers to give the edges that lovely crispiness. If your caterer can pull this off, dinner will be a success!

TONS of mini food ideas!!
Source: The Curvy Carrot