Open Back Wedding Dresses

Open back wedding dresses are the new ultra-romantic wedding trend for the 2012 and 2013 spring season. Depending on how low cut you want your dress, they can be incredibly sexy and classy all at the same time. Most of the open back wedding gowns that I’ve seen incorporate a lot of lace into their designs. Lace gives the dress a more modest, timeless feel without making it look like the back of a swimsuit.

Open back wedding dresses look best with your hair pulled back, thus showing off the intricate and unique design in the back of the gown. After all, it is the back of these stunning dresses that you want show off!

I think these type of wedding gowns look incredible for a beach or summer wedding, especially with lighter materials such as chiffon or organza. Either way, 2012 wedding dress designers (Allure and JLM Couture in particular) are making an open back wedding dress for every season!

Open Back Wedding Dresses:

open back wedding dresses

Marina K Couture #8875 C188 8923

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Designer: unknown Style#2004 C155 Lazaro LZ3052 Sydney Gown #8634

Designer: Unknown

Designer: Unknown

Mori Lee 6177 2450

Claire Pettibone Bridal Gowns

Designer: Unknown 8011

Left: C167 Right: 8853