Wedding Cake Design Trends

Wedding cake trends have certainly changed over the years, but the array of options keeps widening, leaving even more creativity and thought to be put into choosing and designing a wedding cake in 2012.

I’ve found the new wedding cake trends to be ultra-chic and romantic, but yet on a more simplified side. Instead of the big white cake with ornate iced flowers and leaves, brides are choosing a cake based on their overall wedding theme and going from there. Fortunately, modern brides aren’t necessarily as traditional as they have been in the past, leaving dessert options open to more than just a wedding cake.

Candy bars have become very popular at wedding receptions, leaving a taste of something for everyone; cupcakes, pies, pastries, pudding, cookies, brownies, fresh fruit with chocolate fondue, etc.


With these other options, an enormous wedding cake might not be as necessary. Many brides are choosing smaller, all-buttercream cakes because they are undeniably heavenly on the palate and can hold up just fine on a smaller than traditional cake. Despite these modern trends, the drama of a  tiered wedding cake is still the prevailing preference; after all, the cake is the centerpiece at your wedding reception, and is certainly a piece of art. You can still get the look of a towering wedding cake without all of the waste with the use of fake tiers. Or, you can also put your cake on a beautiful stand to add to the height, drama, and excitement.


The new look in wedding cakes has become more rustic, vintage and chic with simple designs instead of the busyness you’ve seen in the past, but with one grand detail such as a large single flower, a small eye popping splash of color, or trimming it with simple ribbons and pearls. I anticipate that a vintage design with one intricate detail will continue to be a classic look throughout 2012 and years to come.

I’ve always liked the look of a monochrome wedding cake, but with simple color choices, and preferably just two; maybe black and white monochrome with a single purple flower or small cluster of fresh fruit, for example.

If you are like most brides, you want your cake to reflect your personality in some way,making it even more memorable. When it comes to designing your wedding cake, the only opinion that matters is your own, so go for it, and let your creative side shine!

Along with the design, comes the creativity in the wedding cake flavor. Yum! Click here to see my list of unique wedding cake flavors. My personal favorite is lemon blackberry cake covered in a cheesecake icing. That flavor combination will get me going back for seconds every time.

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