Amazing Wedding Cake Pictures

I’m a sucker for an amazing wedding cake. Although I should be more concerned with the taste than the look, I’m all about the intricate details that go into making this amazing edible art. I don’t know how wedding cakes have evolved into such impressive pieces of imagination, but I’m glad they did!

I can vividly remember my wedding cake and how much I “oohed” and “awed”  over it, but looking back, it really wasn’t all that inspiring compared to the cakes designers are making today! Gone are the days when a typical wedding cake was made out of white fondant frosting with iced flowers trailing down the sides. Now you can have your wedding cake made to fit any personality and wedding scheme.

Vintage and rustic wedding cakes with a hint of romance seem to be becoming very popular, and I can see why – they’re stunning! A dessert buffet is also one of my new favorite trends, making room for a little bit of sugar to fit everyone’s palate. You can add a dessert bar in addition to your towering wedding cake, or just have some amazing confections alone, gorgeous cupcakes seeming to be the leading treat.

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