Unique Wedding Ideas

We all need a little bit of inspiration when it comes to our wedding day, especially when it comes to having ideas that will make it memorable. Sometimes brides get too focused on the dress, accessories and decorations, and just plain forget to have fun! Take a little bit of time to plan out your special day so that you will not just look fabulous in the photos, but will have a remarkable experience, too. I’ve heard that is one of a brides biggest regrets – not actually enjoying the moment! It can definitely be stressful trying to plan the perfect wedding, so set some of your worries aside and plan on having an imperfect yet unforgettable adventure. From the wedding ceremony to the honeymoon, here are some of my favorite unique wedding ideas:

Have your bridesmaids write a special message on the bottom of your bridal shoes! This can be their way of helping  you walk down the aisle. Or, you can purchase “I Do” rhinestone appliqués and attach them to the bottom of your shoes. What a great photo opportunity!:



Using an alternative to the traditional ring bearer pillow is a fun way to make a memorable keepsake, especially if you turn it into a DIY project, such as a vintage bible wrapped in burlap or twine, a pretty book with the middle cut out, a traditional pillow but made for your favorite pet to carry, a ring bearer pillow using flowers instead of fabric, or a block of wood or wooden chest carved with your initials or a special message:



Fun and inspirational photos will surely be remembered forever. Think outside of the box and get creative with your pictures. Sometimes the best pictures are the ones that are spontaneous and unplanned. I love the idea of the bride and groom having matching funky shoes. Setting up a photo booth for your guests will create some of the funniest pictures, showing their true personalities.


Custom wedding bands and jewelry with his and her fingerprints. You can have these made with the fingerprint on the inside of the band as well. The heart necklace shown below has two fingerprints, a symbol of joining hearts. I think this is such a heartfelt and unique idea:


Source: Brent & Jess


Combining a big, fluffy wedding skirt with a separate top of your choice. Look how amazing this dress turned out, very country chic. Perfect for a casual wedding. She looks adorable:

Circular wedding seating, so that everyone can see! I love this idea. It looks beautiful, too:

Framing memories from your wedding. Why not frame it and put in on the wall? Or, you can make a special box and keep some of your favorite memories from your wedding in there.

Get creative with your honeymoon photos. Look how darling these turned out:

Personalize your wedding bouquet! You can turn your bouquet into a keepsake, using perhaps your grandmother’s hankie, mother’s brooch, or a picture of someone dear to you – maybe someone that you have lost or is unable to attend the wedding. This way they can still walk you down the aisle:

Do-it-yourself signs. Look how great these  turned out just using old pieces of wood and chalk – very rustic chic!

Write your guests name directly on the table! Have you ever been to Macaroni Grill? Use paper table cloths like the one shown below and personalize each seat at the table:

Make individual birdseed pouches for each one of your guests to toss as you make your exit. Look how cute these turned out!