Veggie Centerpiece Arrangements

Veggie Decor

Whether you like to eat them or not, vegetables still make for beautiful table centerpiece arrangements, either in place of traditional flowers or combined with them. With a little bit of creativity you can really put together a unique veggie display for your wedding reception tables. Consider using them to make vegetable bouquets, wrapping them around candles, or simply scattering them on the table around your other decorations. If you like these ideas, you might also like these Fruit Wedding Favor Ideas.

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Table Centerpieces

The most popular vegetable centerpiece ideas are with the use of artichokes and asparagus. They seem to take center stage because of their appealing colors and durability. Asparagus and green beans work perfectly wrapped around tall candles by simply using a rubber band to hold them in place, and then disguising the band with a colorful ribbon. Because artichokes have such a floral appeal, they are charming in vase arrangements or used as candle holders.

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Fall Vegetable Table Centerpieces

Fall seems to produce the most enticing vegetables, such as pumpkins, squash, cabbage, and cauliflower. They can really add a lot of color and warmth to your fall wedding decor. Fruit, like apples or pears, also make for appealing table arrangements combined with your vegetable displays.

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Colorful Root Veggies

Root vegetables, such as radishes, beets, carrots, or onions, are particularly impressive in clear glass vases. The stems make up the bouquet while the edible portion makes for the brilliant color display.

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Veggie Bars

They’re edible, too! How about a fresh fruit and veggie buffet for your wedding reception? There are so many unique ways to display fruit and vegetables with elaborate vegetable trays and fun dips. Even the kids will want to take a turn towards your colorful veggie display.

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Glass vases, jars, and martini glasses are a fun way to display your veggies in place of the traditional vegetable tray. This could be a cute idea as part of your wedding reception buffet. It sure does add a lot of color!

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Cabbage and bell peppers are perfect for gutting and using as serving bowls for your vegetable dips. Use other leafy vegetables, such as a kale or chard to decorate and fill in empty space on your vegetable designs.

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