Vase Ideas For Centerpieces

Creative Vase Ideas

When it comes to your wedding, a vase is not just a vase; it’s most likely going to be the focal point on every table at your reception. Think beyond the traditional vase and let your personality prevail! Sometimes the most unusual of containers can make for gorgeous floral arrangements. Here are some creative vase ideas for centerpieces, and most of them are very budget friendly:

vase ideas for centerpieces

Vintage bottles with lace ribbon wrap

vase ideas for centerpieces

Elegant Tin Can Vases

Although simple, tin can vases can add unexpected charm to any outdoor or rustic themed wedding. For a little more of an elegant and shabby-chic feel, you might even consider painting them white or other soft colors, such as blush or cream.

Grouped Mini Vases

I love the idea of using small glass containers with a single flower, and then bundling them together in a group to form a dramatic floral centerpiece. You can wrap them all together in twine or ribbon, or place them in a crate or metal basket.

Painted Vases

Paint can completely transform the look of any glass container, whether it’s an old mason jar or empty Starbucks bottle. It actually looks quite stunning with the right color combinations, and it’s a lot easier than you’d think. Click here for Martha Stewart’s very simple tutorial.

A Vase Within A Vase

A vase inside of another vase! This is brilliant! This way you can decorate the vase with any filler that your heart desires, and still ensure that the flowers stay fresh in water.

Unusual Vase Containers

Think outside of the box with unique vase ideas such as vintage containers, small pitchers, jugs, tea pots, or even coffee mugs and tea cups. I would have never thought that a Quaker Oats canister or tea tin would make for such cute vase ideas. They really have a nice vintage feel about them.

Wrapped Vases

If you’ve read any of my other posts, then you know that burlap and lace is one of my favorite decor combinations, and I absolutely love this darling vase accessory! To Be Charmed has a great tutorial on how to make this easy diy vase wrap. It certainly adds a rustic appeal to any container.

How about wrapping recycled containers in things like twine or burlap? This really softens the look while adding a rustic ambience. Polka Dot Bride has a tutorial on how to wrap containers with sisal rope as well as how to make that cute little flag; perfect for displaying your table numbers!

These bark wrapped vases (actually recycled plastic containers, but who could tell) are amazing! They have an earthy feel that could warm up any table. Check out this awesome tutorial by Amber Lay. It has step by step instructions, helpful hints, and a lot more pictures.

You could restore even the ugliest of vases with a little bit of Mod Podge and either news paper or book pages. For instructions on this 5 minute vase craft click here. This is where your skills from elementary school finally come in handy.

Twig or stick wrapped vases are a clever and natural way to spruce up your flower vases! This earth friendly vase idea is certainly attractive AND budget friendly. You could even find the supplies right in your own yard!

Veggie Vases

Fruits and vegetables are a nice alternative and addition to your traditional vases, whether you use them as your actual container or incorporate them in with your floral arrangements. Click here for more vegetable centerpiece ideas.

Wine Bottle Vases

What? Yes! Wine bottle vases are such a creative way to display your flowers (and perhaps your love for wine). You can even keep the labels on for a vintage look, or remove them with soap and water. For instructions on how to cut a wine bottle visit Picklee. My husband would love to do this project. Anything that involves breaking glass and science – I’m pretty sure he’s all in.

Mixing In Paper Flowers

Don’t count out paper flowers! They’re fun to make and last longer than the real ones. You can also mix them in with fresh flowers for a whimsical quality. Even things like paper hearts glued to wooden skewers look delightful. Get creative and have fun with it!