Outdoor Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

Having an outdoor wedding reception makes it a little easier to decorate because you’ve already got the natural elements working for you – the flowers, trees, shrubbery, birds, butterflies, sunshine, and blue skies.

Because you are outdoors, your decorations can be rather simple yet still stunning (depending on your location and backdrop) so choose a location that will be fitting to the theme you want, and you won’t have to do too much decorating at all! You can let nature take care of that for you.

If you are having an outdoor wedding at night, lighting is key to providing warmth and ambience. I absolutely love the idea of hanging lanterns, chandeliers and candles. They really make a big difference in the over all feel, so don’t be afraid to splurge a little in this area. Also, have a look at these Awesome Mason Jar Ideas. They are economical and beautiful as hanging lanterns, vases, and candle holders.

Not every location and season is going to allow for an outdoor wedding reception, but if you live in an area that will allow you to comfortably have an outdoor wedding, why not? Outside weddings make for beautiful photos, too. Just check out these ones for inspiration.

Regal Elegance. I love the small splashes of bright pink; adding just a touch of whimsey:

Wow. These huge, gorgeous centerpieces really make this reception amazing:

Hanging chandeliers under vines. Very beautiful:

Outdoors, under the trees, and hanging chandeliers!:

Hanging light balls made out of vines make this reception magical:

Using mason jars as hanging lanterns is such a cute idea! It looks so charming:

Rustic chic. Hay bales can make for a charming backdrop:

Look at all of the lights and simple yet elegant flower arrangements:

A sheer canopy completely transforms this yard:

Check out the canopy over the tables. Awesome!

I really like these lights hanging from a bare tree. It looks like a winter wonderland:

Asian inspired outdoor wedding reception. Look at the table centerpieces; very original:

Hanging lights and crystals! Lovely:

Another reception under the vines. I love it:

This one isn’t outdoors, but it’s the next thing to it! How did they make this barn look so pretty?: