Burlap & Berry Color Scheme

If you've read any of my other posts, you may already know that I have a bit of a burlap obsession. I'm not sure why, but I love the warm and earthy feel. Pairing this neutral color with a splash of raspberry brings it to life; adding a cheerful, lighthearted, whimsical feel. I also love the addition of blush because every wedding needs a bit of romance, right? I suppose you could also go "Very … [Read more...]

Ombre Wedding Trend

A romantic ombre design is one of the hottest trends right now; everything from weddings to clothing and accessories. It has a watercolor feel that adds to it's spectacular interest and charm. It's easy to incorporate this ombre wedding trend into your wedding theme with the simple use of varying shades of color. Ombre is a french term that represents the appearance of tones, with colors … [Read more...]

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Watercolor Wedding Inspiration

Colorful, soft, and pretty! A watercolor wedding theme allows you to add a splash of style and creativity without an overwhelming motif. This theme idea can work beautifully for any bride, but especially brings out an artist's personality. Here are some watercolor wedding inspiration photos to get excited about: Watercolor wedding decorations are easier than you think, especially for a … [Read more...]

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Coral Wedding Theme Ideas

Coral is pink's superior color companion, with a fun yet sophisticated flair. It can coincide well with any wedding theme, all the way from Spring to Fall, depending on the color combinations you choose. Anything on the green color wheel (such as teal, mint, or turquoise) all nicely compliment this striking color. A soft coral color is romantic and timeless, while a bright hue of coral can be … [Read more...]

Purple And Green Wedding Ideas

No matter the hue, purple has a mystical feel that naturally pairs nicely with green. You can choose colors on the brighter side of the color wheel, such as lime green and violet, for a fun whimsical touch, or softer colors, such as lavender and honeydew, for a softer romantic quality. Fortunately, purple and green flowers and foliage are very abundant, making it easy to decorate your wedding … [Read more...]

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Pink And Turquoise Wedding Theme

Turquoise radiates peace and tranquility with uplifting energy. It is one of the most brilliant colors, heightening your sense of creativity. The only thing that makes this color even more amazing is it's perfect partner, the color pink. Any hue of pink compliments this color nicely; blush, coral, peach, and even hot pink, fuchsia or magenta. Teal is a slightly toned down and sophisticated … [Read more...]

Blue And Green Wedding Theme

Blue being the color of the sky and ocean is perceived as being stable and trustworthy. Green is the most significant color in nature, therefor refreshing and pleasing to the eye. It is thought of as the color of peace and mixes well with any color, but is a natural compliment to blue. Steel blue, latte, and olive green make for a soft and natural color palette. These colors will also work well … [Read more...]

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Pink And Orange Wedding Ideas

Pink and orange = feminine and fun! These two brilliant and vibrant colors make for a daring duo that is ultra-flirty and whimsical. The shades that you choose will change your look entirely. Consider softer hues in this palette for a fall or winter wedding, and perhaps brighter colors for spring or summer. If you like this color theme you might also like these purple and orange wedding theme … [Read more...]

Red Wedding Theme Ideas

Depending on the shade and color combinations, red can either make for a romantic and whimsical wedding or a really exciting and fun soiree with a vintage flair. Because of it's ability to draw attention and stand out, red is the perfect accent color for soft and muted colors such as white, grey and tan. A deep ruby red looks sleek and sophisticated combined with mocha and … [Read more...]

Peach And Cream Wedding Color Theme

I think peach is the elegant and grown up version of pink; perfect for a bride's dream wedding.┬áThis color combination also reminds me of an orange cream ice cream pop, yum! Combine a couple of different shades from this color palette and you've got a unique color theme to call your own. It also makes for an easy dessert buffet. Who wouldn't want to dig into a Peaches and Cream wedding cake? … [Read more...]