Catering Considerations For Your Wedding

By:¬†Trisha Jefford There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to the food at your wedding. The first few have nothing to do with the food itself. Will you get a caterer or try to do it yourself? Does your venue allow outside caterers? If your venue allows and you decide to hire a caterer, that comes with a lot of decisions of its own. Lilly already did a great post about … [Read more...]

Top 3 Online Wedding Invitation Stores

I love our modern day ability to be able to purchase the things we need with just a click of a button. Wedding stationery and invitations are one of the most popular online retailers because of the product's ease of shipping and customizable options. You can't always find the perfect wedding invitations at your local stationery store, but your options are limitless online. Wedding invitation … [Read more...]

Wedding Transportation

Limousines are the most common form of wedding transportation, as it has it's real perks. You can seat anywhere from seven to twenty people in a limo depending on the type you need and reserve. Not only can you use it for transportation, but you can watch¬†television, relax, take turns pouring champagne, and have a chauffeur to open and close doors and help stow away and transport your … [Read more...]

Hotel Planning for Your Wedding Guests

When planning your wedding, you don't want to neglect your duty as host or hostess. Take a moment to recognize the effort made by your guests that are arriving from out of town. Part of that includes making sure your out of town guests have somewhere to stay. You can make your guest feel appreciated by reserving a block of rooms at a single hotel, or by sending out wedding accommodation … [Read more...]