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Watercolor Wedding Invitations

Custom watercolor wedding invitations are a colorful new way to request the presence of your friends and family for the big day. They look like a hand painted work of art! Floral watercolor wedding invitations are the most popular with intricate and cascading designs in several different shades of the same color. Here are some watercolor wedding invitation ideas from Wedding Paper Divas and … [Read more...]

Feather Wedding Invitations

Because of their natural beauty, feathers are a popular choice for wedding stationery, everything from the invitations to the engagement announcements. Peacock feather wedding invitations have the most intricate and colorful designs, while ostrich feather wedding invitations are large and plush, mostly inspired from the 1920's. Here are some of my favorite elegant feather wedding invitation cards … [Read more...]

Coral Wedding Theme Ideas

Coral is pink's superior color companion, with a fun yet sophisticated flair. It can coincide well with any wedding theme, all the way from Spring to Fall, depending on the color combinations you choose. Anything on the green color wheel (such as teal, mint, or turquoise) all nicely compliment this striking color. A soft coral color is romantic and timeless, while a bright hue of coral can be … [Read more...]

Wedding Mad Libs

Wedding Mad Libs remind me of my childhood--endlessly filling out my Mad Lib books. I use to be amazed at my ability to use the same adjective over and over, and still laugh histerically at myself. Now, imagine having a Wedding Mad Libs guestbook! It's marriage advice from your friends and family, but with a fun twist. You can either set up a station for them to be filled out, or place one at each … [Read more...]

Veggie Centerpiece Arrangements

Whether you like to eat them or not, vegetables still make for beautiful table centerpiece arrangements, either in place of traditional flowers or combined with them. With a little bit of creativity you can really put together a unique veggie display for your wedding reception tables. Consider using them to make vegetable bouquets, wrapping them around candles, or simply scattering them on the … [Read more...]

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Top 10 Wacky Wedding Trends

Weddings have changed significantly over the last decade, from stuffy and traditional to exploding with personality. Couples have become a little more laid back, incorporating some fun and fresh new ideas into their big day. Here are 10 of the most creative (and sometimes wacky) wedding trends for 2012. Photo booths have taken over the wedding reception with fun props, such as mustaches, boas, … [Read more...]

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Striped Bridesmaid Dresses

Striped bridesmaid dresses are a fun and fresh way of pimping out your bridesmaids! Soft colored stripes give you a little more of a timeless and romantic feel, while bright stripes are sunny and playful. You might also consider having striped skirts or tops with a waist defining belt - very figure flattering and ultra-modern. … [Read more...]

Lighting Ideas

Lighting has one of the biggest decorative impacts on your wedding day because it creates an enchanting backdrop; providing the feeling of warmth and ambience. The right lighting ideas for weddings can transform a mundane space into something magical. Keep your wedding lighting a top priority when it comes to decorating your reception and ceremony, especially if your reception will be held after … [Read more...]

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Purple And Green Wedding Ideas

No matter the hue, purple has a mystical feel that naturally pairs nicely with green. You can choose colors on the brighter side of the color wheel, such as lime green and violet, for a fun whimsical touch, or softer colors, such as lavender and honeydew, for a softer romantic quality. Fortunately, purple and green flowers and foliage are very abundant, making it easy to decorate your wedding … [Read more...]

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Average Wedding Cost Breakdown

Not that average matters, because every couple's wedding has a unique style and budget, but here is a breakdown of what you might spend at your wedding as well as some other interesting statistics, from the average number of guests to the most expensive places to get hitched. Click on the photo to see a larger version: … [Read more...]

Darling Yellow And Gray Wedding Invitations

The calming color of gray combined with the bold color of yellow makes for a brilliant color combination. If you are planning on using these colors in your wedding color scheme, don't forget about the invitations! Here are some really adorable gray and yellow wedding invitations, save the date cards, place cards, and other stationery from Wedding Paper Divas. Click on any of the invitations to see … [Read more...]

12 Fancy Jello Shot Recipes

Can you think of a food that's more fun than Jell-O? Fancy Jello shots have become a new playful cocktail alternative at wedding receptions and other events because of their flexibility in flavor, shape, and color. Jelly Shot Test Kitchen is the ultimate resource for fancy Jello shots, especially for a more formal and elegant affair. For full Jello shot recipes and instructions on how to make … [Read more...]

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