Wedding Shoe Trends

Every woman loves a great pair of wedding shoes! You know it’s true that we all have 100 pairs of shoes in our closet, yet we wear our old navy flip flop’s six days a week. Oh wait, maybe that’s just me.

I’m starting to think that comfort might be important when it comes to our feet. Right? However, your wedding day does call for a special pair of shoes that will knock your grandma’s sock off. This is definitely a day to splurge on!

If you are wearing a short or tea length dress, shoes are even more important because they will be showcased throughout the day. In fact, many brides are choosing a couple pairs of shoes; an elegant, sexy pair for the ceremony and part of the reception, and fun bridal flats or flip-flops for the dance floor! Boogie on.

Wedding shoe trends
Shoes By Valentino

Modern brides are incorporating more of their personalities into their weddings, and the shoes you choose can certainly show off your unique style! Why go with a traditional pair of white heels, when you can have something sassy and colorful?

Wedding shoe trends

Wedding shoe trends ~ custom converse!

Want to really personalize your wedding shoes? get creative with the bottoms! You can embellish them with “I Do” stickers and hearts, or have your bridesmaids each write a special message and sign their name. Endearing!

Wedding shoe trends ~ detailing on the bottom.

Ooh la la, sparkles! Every woman likes a little bit of pizzaz, and your shoes are the perfect way to add a little bit of glam to your wedding day without going over the top. They’ll be hidden by your billowing dress most of the time, but are there for showoff when that skirt lifts a little on the dance floor.

Wedding shoe trends

Wedding shoe trends

Flats can be sexy, too! Do you want to be comfortable or cramped? At least pick out a pair of fabulous flats for the reception. Trust me, you will be standing most of the time, and after a few drinks, you’ll be getting crazy on the dance floor.

Wedding shoe trends ~ gorgeous flats.
Source: Lela New York

Wedding shoe trends ~ Happy feet, happy bride!