Wedding Hairstyles Down

Let your hair down!

It really can’t ever go out of style, especially if you have long beautiful tresses. Remember, this is probably one of the only days in your life when you will be the main attraction in hundreds of photos, so choose your wedding hairstyle based on what is most flattering on you. If you don’t feel confident with your hair pulled back, then by all means, let your hair flow.

Down Wedding hairstyles that are wavy with a natural touch (as opposed to perfectly lain curls with gobs of hairspray) are definitely the new trend, almost with a messy bohemian feel. You might also want to consider pulling just a small section back, perhaps just a few curls off to one side, or instead of wearing it half up, wear it a quarter up, so that most of your hair is down but with a little added personality.

Your hair accessories can change your look entirely. You can either decide to not have any accessories at all, or choose to have a little further interest with a large flower pinned to one side, a lace and rhinestone headband just peeking through, or even a sparkly feather brooch for dazzle.