Awesome Engagement Photos

10 Unique Engagement Photo Themes

Unique engagement photo themes are a fun way to start your commitment together; anything from a creative place or back drop to an off beat movie theme. Try to find something that you both love or is fitting with your personalities, and incorporate it into your Engagement pictures. If you like these, you might also like … [Read More...]

10  unique wedding favor ideas

10 Awesome Wedding Favor Ideas

Finding the perfect awesome wedding favor ideas to match your personality and wedding theme, while sticking to a budget, isn't easy, especially if you are trying to find an idea that is memorable and useful to your guests. The best personalized wedding gifts come from just doing it yourself, or at least adding your own … [Read More...]

mismatch bridesmaid dresses

Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

Because I love the idea of Mismatched Bridesmaid dresses so much, I've gone on a little dress spree. If you haven't already been to, you've been missing out on the cutest dresses in every style and formality. ModCloth has a large variety of party, special occasion, and bridesmaid dresses that are … [Read More...]

Wedding Washi Tape Projects

Washi Tape Projects & Ideas

With all of the new elegant washi tape designs, it has even become popular for wedding crafts, such as vases, candle holders, escort cards, and even wedding invitations! It's a creative and budget friendly way to add a little bit of whimsy to your wedding decor. I've found some pretty creative washi tape wedding ideas, … [Read More...]



Vintage Paper Flower Ideas

The great thing about paper flower crafts, is that with a little bit of resourcefulness and creativity, you can incorporate them into your wedding day for free, using newspaper, vintage books, paper bags, and scrap paper. You can also use things like buttons or pieces


Burlap And Lace Wedding Ideas

Country casual meets sexy & sophisticated - the perfect combo! A burlap and lace wedding seems to be the perfect combination, almost representing the rough and rugged side of the groom , and elegant and feminine side of the bride. A simple and ultra-romatic parity


Mini Wedding Cake Ideas

Mini wedding cakes are so adorable! They have become a hot new trend; instead of having the traditional large wedding cake with just one flavor, mini cakes give your wedding guests the option of serval different flavors and designs to choose from. I would even consider



Amanda Garrett | Snowflake Dress

With her unparalleled style and incredible sense of luxury, Amanda Garrett has captured the hearts and appreciation of many brides. She has revolutionized the traditional approach to bridal wear with stylish, contemporary, and romantic styles. Her Snowflake Gown is

spring 2013 douglas hannant

Douglas Hannant 2013 Collection

The Douglas Hannant Bridal Collection seems to bring new and interesting styles every year; floral details, modern shapes, and intricate lace. With gorgeous embellishments and a bohemian flair, 2013 is no exception. To see more of the collection, view the entire wedding

justin alexander spring 2013

Justin Alexander Spring 2013

The Justin Alexander Spring 2013 Collection gathers inspiration from old Hollywood in the 1930’s as well as from the magnificent Parisian styling of the 1950’s. This collection features classic ball gowns, form fitting mermaid silhouettes, and flattering A-lines. I'm in



DIY Succulent Wedding Favors

Succulents are probably one of my favorite things on the entire planet earth because of their unique beauty and incredible visual interest. Due to their wide variety of options in color, size, texture and shape, you can create a personalized succulent wedding favor for … [Read More...]


Cute Ponytail Hairstyle Ideas

Ponytails are the classic and easy hairstyle choice for any occasion, from casual and messy to elegant and sophisticated. Everybody knows how to make a ponytail, but what about a ponytail with a little something extra? There are so many different and fun ways to wear a … [Read More...]

Awesome Engagement Photos

10 Unique Engagement Photo Themes

Unique engagement photo themes are a fun way to start your commitment together; anything from a creative place or back drop to an off beat movie theme. Try to find something that you both love or is fitting with your personalities, and incorporate it into your … [Read More...]


12 Fancy Jello Shot Recipes

Can you think of a food that's more fun than Jell-O? Fancy Jello shots have become a new playful cocktail alternative at wedding receptions and other events because of their flexibility in flavor, shape, and color. Jelly Shot Test Kitchen is the ultimate resource for … [Read More...]


Adorable Cupcake Wrappers

Wedding cupcake wrappers are an easy way to completely transform your cupcakes from drab to dreamy! You can purchase them in many different colors, styles, shapes and sizes, or you can simply make them yourself with a little extra time and creativity (I've included a … [Read More...]


White Lace Wedding Cakes

Lace Wedding Cakes fit into any wedding theme, and are a timeless choice that will never go out of style. With an intricate lace design, even an all white lace wedding cake is stunning, but a white lace design on top of a soft colored frosting really showcases the … [Read More...]


Outdoor Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

Having an outdoor wedding reception makes it a little easier to decorate because you've already got the natural elements working for you - the flowers, trees, shrubbery, birds, butterflies, sunshine, and blue skies. Because you are outdoors, your decorations can be … [Read More...]


Messy Hairstyles

Women are starting to go for a more carefree and natural look, whether for a formal event or just a casual day out. With the right accessories and know-how,  you can create a unique hairstyle to match your personality that's easy and flattering. A tousled up-do is … [Read More...]


Lighting Ideas

Lighting has one of the biggest decorative impacts on your wedding day because it creates an enchanting backdrop; providing the feeling of warmth and ambience. The right lighting ideas for weddings can transform a mundane space into something magical. Keep your wedding … [Read More...]


Winter Wedding Bouquets With Pinecones

Winter wedding bouquets with pinecones are a simple and economical choice, yet with a rustic and chic touch for your winter wedding. They look especially stunning for an outdoor wedding with lots of white and green incorporated into the wedding color scheme. They also … [Read More...]


Unique Wedding Photo Ideas

Such creative wedding photography! Gather up some unique wedding photo ideas to really make your day memorable. Your photographer should be able to help with some wedding photo poses and angles, but don't be afraid to throw in your own wedding picture ideas. Here is … [Read More...]

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