The classic and easy hairstyle choice for any occasion.

Everybody knows how to make a ponytail, but what about a ponytail with a little something extra?

Cute Ponytail Ideas

Wedding Colors

Let the rainbow inspire you in choosing your wedding color theme! It's fun, flirty, and fantastic for a spring wedding.

Wedding Photos

Try to find something that you both love or is fitting with your personalities, and incorporate it into your Engagement pictures.

Wedding Favors

Succulents are probably one of my favorite things because of their unique beauty and incredible visual interest.

Wedding Fun

Compromise. A happy marriage must involve give and take; the husband gives and the wife takes.

Wedding Mad Libs

Customize your wedding Mad Lib Template PDF with the name of the bride and groom as well as 25 different color options to choose from.

See the Mad Libs

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  • Edible Wedding Favors

  • Choosing a Wedding Cake

  • Choosing A Wedding Dress

  • Wedding Photography

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Pink & Gold Wedding Colors

Pink and gold wedding colors make for a glamorous and romantic wedding; an attractive color combination choice for your reception. I like the soft and

DIY Doily Envelopes

Are you ready for a cute, fun and easy diy project? DIY Doily envelopes and liners will add a personal and memorable touch to your wedding

Peaches And Cream Wedding Cake

Peaches and Cream Wedding Cake! Not just a yummy cake flavor, but I love the soft color. It looks lovely for a wedding in any season, and coincides

Easy DIY Updo For Long Hair

This is a sleek and easy updo that any bride can do herself. It works well for thick or thin hair, but the fuller your hair, the more volume you can

Amazing Wedding Cake Pictures

I'm a sucker for an amazing wedding cake. Although I should be more concerned with the taste than the look, I'm all about the intricate details that

Lace Bolero Jackets

What's a better way to have a little bit of coverage while still showing off that amazing wedding dress? A bridal jacket also adds a little bit of